It’s not for them; it’s for me.

When I became pregnant with Belle, over four years ago, I wanted to learn everything I could about becoming a mother and caring for my child. I listened to podcasts, I read blogs, and I researched everything from baby gear to baby poop. This never stopped. Even now, with two kids, I find there are things I don’t know or want to know more about. I find excitement in researching and learning about parenthood and being a mom. I find even more joy in sharing what I know with other parents. Flick, my husband, convinced me to start a blog and that’s how Momstracted came about.  

You know when you go into an interview and they ask, “what are your weaknesses”? Well, my weakness is that I don’t ease into things. I go full-force, head-on, and dive right into the deep end. I saw all of these moms with successful blogs and podcasts and thought, “that’s what I needed to be.” In the grand scheme of things, it’s not realistic. Yes, I understand that if I work really hard I can be anything, but not really. What I didn’t realize is that I can’t compare my life or my goals to other people. What I should have done was to slowly dip my toes in and get a feel for the whole blogosphere before cannonballing into the deep end. 

 So here I am, four years later with two kids, a new house, and a dog who drives me crazier than both of my kids put together and I have no plans on putting my dreams on hold. 

 I want to thank a dear friend for prompting me to write this blog. I got a text from her asking if I was still blogging. This led into a conversation about how it is so difficult to balance being a wife and mother all while trying to be YOU. As mothers, we put so much pressure on ourselves. Personally, it’s not because I’m trying to have the “perfect” family. I’m doing it because I WANT to. Yes, I’m crazy. I love spending time with my kids, and I enjoy having a nice home and making it that way. I enjoy my crazy, hectic life but there are also those things I HAVE to do that I don’t enjoy. Like working and paying bills. Finding the balance between all of this is hard and we think, “oh those other moms are doing it so I should be able to handle it too.” The reality of it is that we are all different. We all come from different places in life and it’s not okay to set standards based on others lives. 

 I’ve gone back and forth with whether or not I should keep my blog or leave it behind. I am not consistent with my posts and they are very sporadic. I also wonder if anyone even cares what I have to say. With all of those negative thoughts, I always come back to this…It’s not for them; it’s for me. Yes, I’d love to someday be a high profile blogger. Right now, I’m okay just being a wife, a mom, and person who sometimes writes a blog post. 

 Thanks to anyone who follows Momstracted. I truly appreciate your interest and hope that what I have to say helps at least one person in this crazy world of parenthood.

 Just remember…it’s okay to be Momstracted if that’s what makes you happy. 

-Momstracted Momma