Being a mom is hard

Let’s just pretend for a second that nobody judges anyone and momshaming doesn’t exist. 

Being a mom is hard and sometimes I just want a minute to myself. Now let me preface this so that I don’t get shamed to death. I love my kids. I’m blessed with two healthy, smart, active children and I would give anything to be able to be a stay-at-home mom. Okay, now you know  I dearly love my kids. However, I’m human and I’m exhausted. I’m physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. And here’s an example of why I’m so exhausted.

We recently moved into a new house. Anyone that has moved knows that it doesn’t just magically become an HGTV Dreamhouse overnight. It takes time. As a full-time working mother of two; guess what I don’t have….time. My everyday is packed full with routine necessities. And on the weekends, like today, I still can’t get anything done that I want to do. 

All I wanted was to build a baby gate and sew some stinking Halloween costumes. Do either of these things really matter? No, but it’s something I enjoy and something I find relaxing. However, my 3 year old decided to bring out every toy she’s ever gotten and then when it’s time to pick-up she suddenly doesn’t know where they all came from. Why is it that they know how to dump them all out but don’t know how to pick them up? Oh and I try the timer tactic but she doesn’t care and she could also care less if we take them away. So, commence nap time…

I finally got Guy to take a nap after he whined for 10 minutes straight. I then make Bell take a nap after she refused to clean-up the “natural disaster” in her room. Well this resulted in a screaming rage because she “doesn’t want to take a nap.” Eventually she stops crying and finds a book to read in her bed. At this moment it appeared the stars had all aligned and I was going to win the mommy lottery and get some quiet time to do the things I “wanted” to get done (really I need to get them done but the world won’t stop spinning if I don’t). I sent Flick to the hardware store and found a nice comfy spot on the floor to work on Halloween costumes. Wouldn’t you know it. As soon as Flick pulled out of the driveway Guy started crying. 

You have got to be kidding me!! I didn’t even get to thread the needle much less see a stitch. So, now I have to go put away all of my sewing stuff because I can’t leave it out for the kids to get into and really who knows when I’ll get the opportunity again. Just the thought of having to get up and put everything away makes my face hot and my chest tight. 

I need a break. All moms need a break. You’ve gotta speak up and tell someone, “hey watch my kids for like 2 hours while I just relax and get some stuff done.” Being a mom is hard but being a good mom is even harder. I adore my children but it’s not healthy for myself or them if I don’t get away and just chill out. So, yes. I’m  extremely blessed. And, no. Having a clean house, costumes for Halloween, and pretty painted walls doesn’t matter. However, I like doing those things and that’s what I choose as my “free-time.” I adore my children but it’s not okay for them to act like raging maniacs and disobey. I understand kids being kids but I also understand authority. So, yes. I am going to discipline my children for not following the rules. And no. I don’t think a three year old should be able to clean her room spotless. However, I need my sanity and something has to give. 

Go ahead and shame away. I’m an overworked, overtired momma who absolutely, unselfishly loves her children but also needs a break.

(deep, slow exhale),

Momstracted Momma