What’s App-enin?!?

How would we make it as a new mom without our iPhones? I mean, how did our mothers raise us without technology? I’m only kidding, of course. While they aren’t necessary there are some pretty handy apps out there that make motherhood a little less stressful.

Pregnancy & Baby | What to Expect by Everyday Health, Inc.

This app was my first ever “baby related” app. It’s great! Flick even download to his phone.

It has a Due Date calculator to help determine your due date based on last menstrual period and/or date of conception.

There is also a feature that tells you the babies development week-by-week. Every week before bed Flick and I would read about the latest developments of our Baby Bell. It was fun to experience this together. It even gives little illustrations as to what the baby should look like.

One of my favorite features is the Updates on your changing body. It truly was a “What to Expect” feature. It helped to calm my nerves and reassure me that what I was experiencing was normal or common.

We took pictures with an actual camera but there is a feature to snap belly pictures and create a slideshow.

Other fun features are the Due-Date Calculator, Message Board, and Day-By-Day tips.

Baby Tracker from WhatToExpect.com by Everyday Health, Inc.

When you go to your babie’s first check up and prepare for an overload of questions. How many wet diapers? How many poopie diapers? What does the poo look like? How often is baby eating? How much is baby eating? How long is baby sleeping?

Now answer all of those questions on 4 hours of sleep or less. We have a lot to remember as parents. And it’s all vital information for the well being of our child. However, it’s really easy for all of those poops, feeding, and sleeps to run together. One day can seem like one week.

This app helps keep all of that important info in one place and it’s easy to use.

It tracks sleeping, feeding, diapers, and vaccinations.

MommyMeds – Pregnancy Safety Guide by Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center