Welcome to the world of being MomStracted.

Since we set out on the journey to become parents, my husband, we’ll call him Flick (a nickname I’ve created that is inspired by Harry Potter but originates from his love of Ultimate Frisbee), has been pushing me to start a blog. I was, and still am, hesitant. My grammar is sub-par and I tend to ramble. Finally, 16 months after having my daughter, we’ll call her Baby Bell, I’m taking the leap, not to mention, it’s a new year so why the heck not?!

You’re probably wondering what “momstracted” means. It’s a phrase I often use to describe those moments when your overworked mind wonders from what you are currently doing to a million other places. It’s like that moment when you simply get up to get a glass of water but see the dirty dish towel on the counter and realize that you need to get a clean one. That takes you into the bathroom where you see the hamper of dirty diapers (that’s right, we cloth) and then remember you don’t have any clean clothes for work tomorrow and you need to do laundry. Well, 3 hours pass and you are folding clothes with your eyes half shut and blowing powder because you are still very thirsty for that glass of water. That’s being momstracted!

But that’s not the only definition of being momstracted. I think it’s also that thing that happens when you become a mom and you absorb yourself into anything and everything that has to do with your baby and making both of your lives better. There is rarely a time, whether I’m at work, at home, or just out and about that I’m not thinking of my daughter or anything that has to do with being a parent. That’s also being momstracted.

My goal is to share stories of my momstracted moments and also share insights I get from other moms. I’ll share tips, tricks, and info about all things mommy.

My hopes are that you’ll read, say “hmm…. that’s interesting”, laugh, and share with other mommies.

Welcome to the world of being momstracted!

~ Momstracted Momma