My HappyEnding!

So, I know I’ve mentioned that we cloth diaper (cd) and that we only cloth part-time. Here’s the thing. I have been so hesitant to take that plunge because I haven’t found a diaper that meets all of my requirements.

Here’s what I’ve been looking for:

Easy – I’m just going to admit that I’m not a pre-fold diaper kind of momma. It’s awesome and I love how inexpensive it can be but it’s not my forte. Besides ease of use, I’m looking for easy to clean.
Inexpensive – I know. I’m asking for a lot, easy and inexpensive. Let’s face it, you can already save a ton of money by using cloth in the first place but it’s a big upfront cost. It’s even more expensive when you want an “easy” diaper. We like AIO (all in one) and AI2 (all in two), but they are the more expensive type.
Good fit – Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing cuter than a fluffy butt baby, but I like a trim fitting diaper.

I knew what I was looking for in a diaper but didn’t know where to find it. I listened to podcasts (The Diaper Dirt, with Dana Ryan is my favorite), joined FB groups and even found some sites online that gave me a ton of information about the different types and how to use them.

From what I understand, there are about 7 different kinds of cd’s: flat and prefold, fitted, pocket, hybrid, AIO, and AI2. I won’t go into what the differences are in this post, but there are many resources to help determine what is best for you and your baby.

We started with pockets, but weren’t thrilled with the upkeep so we decided to try AIO’s, AI2’s and hybrids. We purchased several Grovia Hybrids and AI2’s. The hybrids were fine for daytime but didn’t fit snug enough for nighttime. I thought I had found the pot of gold with the AI2’s, but was totally wrong. The gussets began to get holes after several washes and the fabric was so rough. It didn’t seem like a very comfortable diaper. I also had a difficult time getting them clean. They held in odors (I could have been doing something wrong in my wash routine) and I was done battling them.

This brings me to my newest love in the cd world, Happy Endings Eco Diapers. I ran across this gem of a diaper while searching YouTube for cd reviews.  I watched a review of their Charcoal Bamboo AIO and AI2 diapers. As soon as the review was over, I went straight to their page to place an order. Here’s where the story gets even sweeter. Not only did they have adorable prints, but they don’t charge shipping and their products are affordable. I decided to place my order of one each charcoal bamboo AIO and AI2. Get this! I placed my order at 9:56 am on January 28th. My order was shipped by 2:31 pm that same day. Talk about customer service! Oh and I had fluff mail in my mailbox two days later. Now all of this was great but if the diapers weren’t what we expected, then it didn’t matter how fast we got them. After properly prepping them (washing ONCE in warm water with a cd safe detergent), we put them to the test. Our ultimate test was having Baby Bell sleep in them. This was the ultimate test because she is a heavy nighttime wetter. We were happy to report that neither of them leaked. Woo hoo! My next test was to see how well they fit under her clothes. I tried them both (without extra inserts) under regular pants and they fit fabulously. I found it, my Holy Grail of cloth diapers. After a few more wears and washes, Flick and I decided to order more. I came home one day, bagged up over half of my diapers and sold them to fund more Happy Endings Eco diapers. We bought eight more diapers and one pair of training pants. I just checked my shipping status and will be getting them in no time.

Thank you Happy Endings Eco Diapers for being the happy ending to my cloth diaper drama.  You may have helped turn this part-time cloth-diapering momma into a full-time cloth-diapering momma.

While I highly recommend these diapers, please keep in mind that not all babies are the same and certainly are not the same size. Do some research and try some different types before deciding what is best for you and your baby.

~Momstracted Momma