Putting Myself in Timeout

It has been crazy busy around here.  Flick and I have been swamped with so many things, on top of having a teething and sick Baby Bell.  After a lot of thinking and talking with Flick, we have decided to take a small break from the blog and podcast.  This is not permanent.  I have really enjoyed sharing my thoughts and stories, but we have something big we are working on in our personal life, and it needs my full attention.

Thank you all for your consistent reading.  We will be back and better than ever soon!

~Momstracted Momma

You Want Me To Do What At Work?

My breast pumping days are behind me for now but I’m surrounded by all of these first-time-moms who are learning the ropes. Pumping wasn’t as daunting as I had imagined but I did have moments of frustration and so did Baby Bell. There is so much to learn as a new mom and just when you seem to be getting the hang of things, you realize you can’t be constantly attached to your baby 24/7.

Oh, and if you ever get sick, that’s a whole different ingredient to through in mix. If you are a breastfeeding mom, chances are, you will eventually need to pump. It might only be once or it could be everyday like me. Breastfeeding is a learning experience for both you and your child. Pumping and bottle feeding is also a learning experience for you both.

In this week’s podcast, we talk about the challenges we, as a family, faced while I was learning the art of breast-pumping. We will discuss why you would need one; types of pumps; getting a pump through your insurance; going from breast, to pump, to bottle, to baby; pumping at work; and milk storage.

Below are some helpful links to resources we used while pumping and some of our favorite brands.

Please remember that the information we provide is only a stepping stone in the research process you should be doing. Every momma is different, every baby is different, and we are far from professionals.

Thank you for reading, we hope you listen, and don’t forget to give us feedback on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

You may feel like your mind is in a million places and you don’t know what the answer is but if you just reach out someone will grab a hold and pull you aboard.

~Momstracted Momma


I don’t know much about my family history. I’ve been told I have a rich German heritage and possibly some Irish. Needless to say, I never really participated in any events to celebrate my family’s heritage. So when I met Flick, I was in awe of his family’s Irish traditions. Now that we have Baby Bell, I want her to know more about where her family name comes from and what it means.

Every year we attend a St. Patrick’s Day celebration with Flick’s family. It’s your typical “Americanized” St. Patrick’s Day party. We eat corn beef sandwiches and Irish stew. Baby Bell loves smoothies, so I’ll be making her a special green smoothie. This year Baby Bell has cute little green Converse to match her tartan skirt made by my talented cousin. I searched and searched for a skirt for her to wear that matched Flick’s kilt. I could n’t find very many and the ones I did find were outrageosly expensive. So, I hired one of my crafty, talented cousins to make one. It’s adorable and now she is selling them on her Etsy site for a very reasonable price. Oh, and I’ll be wearing her in my new Little Frog woven wrap (it just so happens to be green). As you can tell we have alot of fun with the whole thing. While we do celebrate the American way, we also work in some traditional Irish facts and festivities. It’s an event I look forward to every year.

While the weekend activities are fun, we want Baby Bell to also learn her “true” heritage. We have started to look into different ways of doing this. We found books, music, and recipes to make it interesting for her. This will be more influential as she gets older but it will be fun to watch her learn more and more through the years.

If you have some tips on how to help us teach Baby Bell about her Irish heritage, we’d love to hear them.

I’ll be posting some photos from our weekend celebration on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We’d love to see how your family celebrates St. Patrick’s Day too.

As always you can hear more on the Momstracted Podcast.

Until next time….

Slán agus beannacht (Goodbye and Blessings),

~Momstracted Momma

Listen up!

So this will be my final post relating to MommyCon….until we attend the next one. However, this is a special post. This post is the formal introduction to our Momstracted Podcast. That’s right! We are now official podcasters. Flick and I will be doing a weekly (unless something changes and we have to do bi-weekly) episode that is in conjunction with the blog. The blog with probably be more of a summary for the podcast. I’m really excited for the opportunity to be sharing my momstracted thoughts and moments with each and everyone of you. I’m even more excited to be able to be doing it via podcast. I hope you all listen to our first two episodes that can currently be found on iTunes here. Yes, we already have two episodes. Episode one is an intro to our Momstracted world. Episode two goes along with our blog post, Is This Real Life? – Adventures at MommyCon Chicago. Take a look at some of the great products and companies you will hear us talk about.

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Thank you and we hope you enjoy listening to our new podcast.

~Momstracted Momma